McKinney, TX

McKinney is an exceptional city. Unique by Nature is it's motto and one I believe it lives up to. I have lived in McKinney 25 years and I have always noticed it's drive towards growth. Now, is no exception. McKinney strives to be above the rest. My hope, though, is that we take a step back, when it comes to deploying the Next Generation of wireless. Below you will learn current levels of Electromagnetic Radiation around this beautiful city. It is not an attempt to deter you from this city. In fact, it is one of few cities which currently has no small cell antennas deployed. I'm hoping this city stands up for it's people. Learn more at NextGFree North Texas on facebook.


Around the City...

1.   This location is at Custer and Virginia
2.   Comstock Elementary
3.   McKinney Community Center
4.   Finch Elementary
5.   Downtown McKinney
6.   Naomi Press Elementary School
7.   Baker Elementary
8.   Jack Cockrill Middle School
9.   Adriatica in McKinney
10. Gabe Nesbit Baseball Field


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