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RF Radiation

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

"RF energy (radiation) emitted by this device may exceed the FCC's general public exposure limits. Stay at least 3 feet away from the device." These small antenna are coming to a yard near you.

First of all, stay 3 feet away. Do you wonder how close you have to be to read this "notice" that should really be a warning? A lot closer than three feet.

Second, the wave being emitted from a 5G antenna is called a millimeter wave. 5G was originally designed for the military as a crowd dispersal weapon. Now it will be in your front or back yard. This particular picture was from a person who had no desire to have an antenna 30 feet away from her home. And yet, there is was, just on the other side of her back yard fence, fifteen feet from her pool.

Thirdly, the general FCC exposure limits are far above what the limits should be for your body. Studies have shown that levels incredibly lower than your cell phone, should not be near your body, and it's actually recommended you use headphones. The power emitted from these small cell nodes are at dangerous levels and should not be anywhere near your home.

And fourth, you gotta love the radiation symbol while they use the word "energy."

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