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5G Radiation At Your Service

There's No Time For Second Guessing

More than likely you have small cell nodes already in your county. Have you begun your understanding of 5G Wireless? It's time to know the difference between the 3rd and 4th Generation of the wireless industry and why the 5th Generation will be putting you and your family at an inconceivable risk. There's no time to second guess this concept. Begin your education here and now!

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Donation Information

NextGFree is so happy to announce our appreciation for the financial donations for the Home for the Holidays booth. We are very thankful for every single penny.

Thank you to:

The Thermography Center of Dallas

Let's Take a Look in San Antonio

Crucial Four

The Travassos Family

The Abshire Family

The Grau Family

The Adkins Family

The Wilcox Family

I especially appreciate those willing to donate your time: Natasha Grau and mom Trenda Adkins, Yvonne Decker, Amie Abshire, Jack Duffie, and Christina Vaughn and EMF Knights. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and blessed start to the New Year!

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Your city is where you live. Your home. Your family. You should not have to pull up to your home and see a small 5G antenna in your front yard, at the same height as your children's bedrooms. The city is where you have decided to put roots down. It's not a place where you should feel attacked by an enemy that you can't see. You have to learn your enemy. Learn if 5G is harmful to your health by clicking "Your City" above.

Now is the time to band together and find others that are like-minded. Gather together and get educated along with those who are learning what 5G is about and what it brings with it. NextGFree believes we have to encourage one another to be advocates in our community, in support of our God given rights, and stand firm against 5G. We stand for proof showing us 5G is not going to harm our children or us.

It's time to get comfortable with understanding your government. Who represents you? It's time to educate them about 5G and tell them you don't want it in your city. You may have to get involved in the government in ways you never thought you would. It's time to go higher than your city because your state may have already handed over your rights. In Texas, SB 1004 decided we have no voice against 5G. Let your legislator know different.

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Your City Should Help Protect You

Did you know that the current levels of radiation in a city can be measured? A physicist was hired to measure ten points around the city of Mckinney, TX. You can view here the analyses of these measurements. What is important to recognize, we are already well above acceptable limits, even before 5G arrives to this beautiful city. 


Support One Another

Join us on Facebook at NextGFree North Texas and see how a community of people are sharing what is happening in their city. It's important to feel like you have a place to go and learn and help others learn. It's encouraging to see everyone caring for one another's well being.  

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Educate One Legislator at a Time

Would you be surprised to learn that your representative or even your senator may not understand the full extent of harm 5G can cause. Do not be afraid to reach out and share what you know. You may have exactly the information they are needing to make a more informed decision. It's never too late to get involved politically! Find out who represents you here.

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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. "

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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